Frequently Asked Questions

What are Unique's business hours?

>Unique Technologies is open M-F from 8a.m. – 5p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) except for standard U.S.A. observed holidays.

What is Unique Technologies’ commitment to quality?     

>Unique Technologies is committed to providing excellent quality products and service. We strive for continuous improvement in our manufacturing and customer service processes as well as the adherence to the quality standards of several registries and certificates. Please click on the Quality tab above to find all of our current certificates and download a copy.

Unique Technologies is also a registered FDA Medical Device Manufacturer (US FDA Class Ι Exempt)

Adherence to these quality standards and registration requirements as well as regular monitoring of our quality and service objectives assure consistent quality products and services are provided to all customers.  

Where are Unique Technologies products manufactured?

>All Unique Technologies products are manufactured in the United States.

Can I download a complete list of UniqueEdge® products?

>Yes. You can download a complete list of products here.

How can I determine the UniqueEdge product comparable to another brands item?

>You can download our UniqueEdge Equivalency chart here. If you have additional questions or cannot find the item you are looking for, please contact us.  

Does Unique Technologies offer samples for evaluation?

>Yes, we will be happy to discuss this with you. After a surgeon has sampled a knife, we ask that you download our Knife Evaluation Form, in order to provide valuable feedback to us. You can email return the evaluation to us at or via fax - 1-484-755-5764.

How are products sterilized?

>Unique Technologies sells sterile products which have been processed by gamma radiation at a validated dose level based on the VDmax cycle of 25kGy per ISO11137-2. All sterilized products have a five (5) year maximum shelf life.

Are UniqueEdge products manufactured and labeled for single-use?

>Yes. All UniqueEdge knives are labeled for single-use.

What is Unique’s shipping policy?

>Please view the Unique Technologies Shipping Policy here.

What is the return policy?

>Please view the Unique Technologies Returned Goods Policy here

     You can use our Return of Goods Form to complete the process after you review the Policy.

What is my responsibility for tracking product sales and use?

>Please view the Unique Technologies Traceability Policy here

Does Unique Technologies offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?

>Yes. Unique Technologies is committed to a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We stand behind our products and are interested in all product feedback. Contact us today to provide feedback on a product evaluation.

What materials are the UniqueEdge products and packaging made from?

>The primary materials in UniqueEdge products are grade 420 stainless steel, polysulfone handles, PETG trays, and Tyvek labels. UniqueEdge products do not contain PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or BPA (bisphenol A).

Does the foam used in Unique's packaging damage the blade or effect the product performance?

>Research has found that packaging a blade in a foam tip will not damage the blade or hinder the product performance; however, proper care and handling is important. Click here to download our suggestion for proper care and handling of angled blades.

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